Istanbul Connection

San Francisco Bay Area Latin Balkan Band

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Istanbul Connection is a Bay Area musical collective formed in 2015 when 13 members of the hottest Balkan and Latin bands were gravitationally pulled to visit the city of Istanbul. With a mind towards cross-cultural connection and sonic expansion, these die-hards flew 7,000 miles to represent a piece of the the Bay Area music scene. In the process, they have cemented themselves as a supergroup of groove and since their epic beginnings, the band has performed sold-out-show after sold-out-show. They continue to draw their inspiration from the Turkish Maqam, Flamenco, Rumba, Balkan, and Cumbia they are are so deeply rooted in. Old school Balkan Latin folk music in a funky Bay Area context.



Morgan Nilsen- Clarinet

Marco Peris- Tapan

Sean Tergis- Darbuka

Melissa Cruz- Guiro, Palmas, Baile

Bob Sanders, Guitar, Cajón

Kata Miletich- Vox, Palmas

Haluk Kecelioglu- Oud, Violin, Vox 

Raul Vargas- Cajón, Palmas, Vox

Gregory Masaki- Clarinet, Saxophone

Will Magid- Trumpet

Isaac "Izzy" Weiser- Bass 

Danny Cao- Trumpet






Photographer: Rock Shots Photography by Lauren Matley